My views on the recent sexual assault and public stripping of a terrified young woman in Nairobi’s  Central Business District. #mydressmychoice

Very recently, a woman was stripped down naked by Embassava touts in the Central Business District. According to the “men”. And I use the term “men” very lightly because a “real man” would never put his hands on a woman for any reason. A real man would never think its okay to not only assault a woman but to also sexually assault a woman…… Anyways they viewed her clothing as “indecent” and made it their RIGHT to not only judge her but to “teach” her a lesson by stripping her naked in the middle of town as on-looks looked on.
This whole situation makes me livid, angry, sad, terrified and my heart not only breaks for the lovely, beautiful, young woman who had to go through a situation that no human being should ever go through. It also breaks for the ignorance of the “men”. It breaks for the wives and girlfriends of these “men”.
I HATE to know that we still live in a Kenya where behavior like this is still viewed as okay by part of the population. I hate to know I live in a Kenya where men can still put their hands on a woman and no one helps. If you have seen the video, there are at least 50 people watching, mostly men, who did nothing. I don’t know if they didn’t do anything due to their fear of being attacked as well or if they did nothing due to their sheer entertainment of the entire situation. Either way I’m pissed.
All the men involved in this assault are nothing by cowards. Disgusting cowards who need to grow a pair and be men. And my heart goes out to the brave soul who had to go through this. My heart goes out to you and I dedicate this post to you. I am continuing the movement of MY DRESS MY CHOICE. If you are a woman and you are reading this, please post a beautiful photo of yourself and hash tag #mydressmychoice and join the movement. It is your right as a women to dress however you want and do what ever you want. Actually it’s your right as a human being, as long as you are not causing yourself or anyone else harm. DO YOU BOO BOO!!!!
And no I will not be posting the video on my site. The woman has gone through too much already.
I’m signing off with a quote by the beautiful and inspirational poet Maya Angelo.
“Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?”


  1. Beautiful post dear and you couldnt pick a better poet to sum this up. MAYA ANGELOU
    No human being deserves this. I hope we as Kenyans we will learn to be tolerant of each other. Lack of tolerance for each others views, beliefs, way of dressing will kill us and continue dragging us behind when the rest of the world is developing.
    God bless you

  2. Its sad and scary that things like this are a reality that happen in even cities that are seen as ahead in Africa. To take away not only someones sense of dignity but also security, and even worse to stand by and watch it all happening just shows how far we still have to go to protect such rights.
    First time on your page and really not the last time.

  3. I agree with you Joy….i haven’t watched the clip and don’t even want to, because it’s not right for people to stand and watch that happen and do nothing. I feel for the girl who went through that…she has been done soooo wrong, the irony is….they stripped her of the clothes she had on…and left her naked?like seriously….they took away “the little they thought she had” …..!!! #mydressmychoice

  4. If indeed they were concerned about decency of the woman, forcing a huge ‘kanga’ around her would have been their move. Stripping! am more than pissed! With grown men walking with their trousers dropping! decency my foot!

  5. i watched the video and its not amusing at all…that lady dint deserve all that humiliation. these men forget that they have a Mother and sisters or even girlfriend or wife.
    i do agree with you in that a real man cant be doing that kind of thing to a woman.

  6. oh wow, this is heartbreaking. i have always thought Kenyans are more liberal when it comes to dress code. Anyway, I remember at the beginning of this year when they tried to pass a bill making it illegal for women to dress a certain way in Uganda. It was sad to see how quickly men in down town started undressing women they deemed not decent enough. As if we as women don’t go through enough sexual and street harassment. And the sad thing is, no one ever stands up to these men/ intervenes. For me, the men who stand by and let such harassment happen are just as bad as the people who let it happen. We all have the right to dress the way we want #MyDressMyChoice

    Also, in case you are interested, here is a link to a post on my blog that might shed a bit more light on this

    Also also, really digging the new website!

  7. i am irked!exactly one week ago my friend was telling me how makangas specifikly plying that route are famed for these antics and i despaired.its disgusting how nairobians always watch while this happens.i think i can almost safely say that nairobi girls are the least safe in africa.i have been attacked over and over so much so i once slapped a kangema makanga that decided to play with my hair while walking behind i almost gorged out his eye coz it was the 2nd time though nt the same so cynical now and hate that women even encourage them at female bashed is all of us bashed aint no joy in one is safe my friend almost got spanked in bs (another hub for these moralists)AAANNDD she was in a buibui(are they indecent too?)and since when did makangas become moralists?if anybody needs correction it is them what with the nasty dancehall music they play that thoroughly objectify us!!!PLEASE.its wrong,its illegal unless someone is mandated by the constitution to ASSAULT ‘indecent’ women keeping in mind the term is relative and anyway how dare they assume that we are sooo pleased by the way they dress!The irony of porn watchers uncomfortable with’PERCEIVED’ nudity!#My dress My don’t like it?too bad i do and thats all that counts

  8. I am glad that we’ve chosen to speak up because today it’s them indicating the length of a skirt, tomorrow the tightness of pants, sheerness of a top the list could go on and on. Thanks joy and everybody else for speaking out. #mydressmychoice

  9. hey joy…thanks for sharing
    this is so humiliating…another case was reported in Mombasa a few days ago…A lady was stripped naked matter of fact dressed in some tights and a top. and the perverts went ahead and did it again! this is so terrifying because she was decently fact she was all covered up..come to think of it, these ‘makangas’ are taking advantage of the fact that women are sexual objects and hence they are trying to transfer their sexual frustrations to all takes a lot of confidence for a woman to be comfortable in her own skin…what they (perverts)are doing is so immoral and an act of shame!

  10. If a man can stand the sexiness of a woman, then its him who has a problem. A perverted man will strip even an old wrinkled lady.
    Its not about the dress, its about their minds. As women, lets stand up to fight for our position in society. If they try you, fight, scream, bite and throw tantrums, run screaming like a mad woman. Don’t let it pass, wear confidence first coz the minute you look like you are not sure of your self, these hooligans know you are a weak target. Be very confident and walk like you own this world, ooh no, like you run it!! Never give up!! #mydressmychoice