Suffering from procrastination? Just realised Christmas is just around the corner and you haven’t gotten anyone anything? No problem… Here are some easy to get gift that you can even get on your way home in traffic. You have no excuse…. πŸ™‚

Some easy to get items.
1)MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: 1 or 2 year magazine subscription to their favourite magazine: All you have to do is go to their favourite magazine’s main website. Click subscribe and get a 1 year or 2 year digital subscription. They will receive each months issue on time and in PDF form. This way they can always have their fav magazine on the go and can read it on their phone, tabs or laptops…. And the best part about this gift? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Plus you order and receive it immediately.. YAY technology
2) SCENTED ASSORTEDΒ FLAVOURS: Everybody loves sweet smelling candles and oils/lotions. Get them Body Shop products: I got mine from for about 3000ksh and they were delivered in 2 days. If you can’t wait visit the Super Cosmetic closest to you and see if they have them available. The candles are from Nakumatt. Each candle was for 150ksh…..
3) THE SHOE LOVER: When in doubt get her a pair of heels. These are from Backyard Shoez. These were for 4,500ksh plus a 15% off offer for Christmas. They will be open until December 24th…. For more info on pricing or location you can contact them at 0720596844.
4) SWEETS FOR MY SWEETIE: When you completely run out of time, just go to your nearest Nakumatt and get all of his or her favourite sweets. Purchase a few jars which go for 140ksh each and fill them with sweets. For my basket I filled a jar with acharis and mabuyu. Another jar of chocolates and lollipops. Add afew candy bars.. a couple of delicious muffins and thats it. The entire basket cost me less than 1500ksh.
5) MASAAII LOVE: How about a stunning jacket with a matching travel bag and a pair of African print slip-ons. All these Items are from CoolBeans. They are Kenyan designed, Kenyan Made and Kenyan sold. You have to go check them out. The bag goes for 1,800ksh, the jacket goes for 2,800ksh and the slip-ons go for 2,400. Cool Beans will not be closing for Christmas. How amaze-balls is that. For more info in location etc please call 0721444924. And he has items for both men and women.
6) FUN THINGS: If you find yourself in wetlands please visit Nakshi located in Nakumatt UKAY. Go get the longest lasting lip colour ever..NOUBA. Each colour goes for 1,600ksh. Every girl and woman would love this. And on your way home look around and see if you can see anyone selling african made jewellery. I found these right outside right outside Nakumatt UKAY while in traffic. The man selling them sold everything to me for 1000ksh..


  1. I love this ideas Joy, especially the magazine subscription. Although I think I’ll get that for myself πŸ˜‰
    Also I didn’t know Super Cosmetics sells Body Shop products. What’s the average price range of them would you say? In shillings? xo

  2. I honestly like how real you are (the YouTube video was hilarious*fainting shenanigans*) and two the fact that you incorporate a touch of African accessories in most of your outfits. It is pretty authentic. #cheers