Green with envy…lol…Not really. Just a little green getup I wore to Tribal Chic a couple of weeks ago.

Wore this little number little green number and I love it. Its by me. :). I love designing my own clothes. It makes them even that much more special.

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  1. Funny I was just sketching this exact shorts for a tailor to make for me. You’re designing your own clothes makes them feel more special. Love the outfit it suits you, quick question how much is it to get your clothes tailored? I live in London though my mom get’s her clothes tailored in she can never tell me a straight answer.

  2. That outfit is all that and a bag of chips!!
    You look so fab! I like the simplicity of the outfit and the sophistication that comes along with it. Less indeed was more!
    PS: What is Tribal Chic about?

  3. Love love love and I must confess huge fan always looking on what you are posting next and guess what never knew you had a youtube channel. I never knew you are this hilarious and you just have the most amazing personality. I hope to finish all the videos tomorrow. Lots of Love

  4. Joy,
    I’m a silent follower of your’s but have to come out today! Totally love this outfit girl! you look amazing in it.. You should consider a fashion line coz I’m ready to buy like YESTERDAY! Let me know girl!

  5. You look lovely sweetheart. Your creativity and sense of personal style are impeccable. And I’m loving that lip color on you. What number Nakshi Nouba is it, please?

  6. hey looking good and awesome designer too. so if i may ask???which lipstick is that ???brand and colour and if you don’t mind. lipstick number???