Go ahead, you can say it……”FINALLY!!!!” LOL.
I’ve been asked, sooooo many time, to do a “work friendly” style post. I guess what most women wanted to know is how to dress appropriately for work while still being fabulous. Well, here is a little “Office Style” inspiration for you lovelies….Plus I would love for you to notice how I gave you not 1… not 2…. but 3 “work friendly” outfits..:).Now, if that’s not love I don’t know what is. I’ve also given you links and locations on where you can get similar items.

I went for black and white… You can never go wrong with black and white. Its always clean, sexy and sophisticated. I paired an oversized black and white tribal print sweater, a white tee, a black patent leather pencil skirt, black bag and black pumps.

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Find these Items at:
White Tee:
Faux Leather Skirt:
Pumps: You c an get a similar pair at Cool Beans Kenya. Contact them at +25472144924 or follow them on instagram at
Rocking the black and white again…. I love this look. I paired a white button down shirt with a black A-line skirt, black and tan bag, floral heels and a gorge black and gold collar neckpiece.

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Look 1: Get these items at :
Heels: Get these exact pair from Coolbeans Kenya. Contact them at +25472144924 or follow them on instagram at
Heels: You c an get a similar pair at Cool Beans Kenya. Contact them at +25472144924 or follow them on instagram at
My favourite look from all three looks. It just says “Boss Chick” to me. For this look I paired a plaid blazer, black top, black high waist trousers, black bag, black belt and black strapped heels.

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Find these Items at:
Heels: Snake skin:
Heels: Black: Get a similar pair at Coolbeans Kenya.
Contact them at +25472144924 or follow them on instagram at
I hope this helped you guys out. If you have anymore video idea don’t be afraid to ask….. And yes I am doing a makeup tutorial video… so stay tuned for that.



  1. I love love love look 2’s SHOES and the BAG, so chic and classy. Look 1 must be my favourite look. Go work Joy πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my! Just my kinda style for work.
    Love! Love!
    And as always you look stunning.
    Are you shopping online with Mr. P? I have been planning to do it but not sure how to go about it. The much I have done is get to chat with the online customer service on how to go about it but never done any shopping.
    May you can share your experience if you dnt mind.

  3. That tribal sweater aaaaaahhhh style porn! i have a crush on serious!

    hmm and look no.3 boss lady signing them cheques.

    You never disappoint JK

  4. Good stuff!
    This year I voted for you for Bake Awards,hope you win or at least your regular posting is noticed by someone somewhere!
    Goodluck doll!

  5. I love your blog and i realy love you.I would like to ask how to get the perfect shaved smooth legs and to get rid of old scars?Also personally dont heels tire you coz for me i was perfect in walking with them but nowadays when i try my legs shake involuntary?Thanks for all the help you are giving us ladies on beauty.

  6. I love your blog and am a constant follower though i have never commented since its hard when you dont have a phone that easily acesses your blog.But from time to time i follow you at the cyber.Thanks for being an inspiration to many of us ladies by helping us with some beauty tips.I would like to ask how do you get the smooth shaved legs and how do you get rid of old scars on your legs?Also dont you tire from wearing heels?Its been long since i wore them and everytime i try to get back to wearing heels my legs shake involuntarily.So please help me with some tips.

    • I’m currently working on the phone part. It should be fixed in the next couple of weeks. For my legs I barely grow hair. And if you want perfectly shaven legs I would suggest waxing. As for scars I a have a few but over time they seem to get lighter in shade. For my heels thing I guess I just got used to it. Sorry I have no tips for that πŸ™