Hello lovelies….. On today’s blog post I give you a little tropical style with an edge…. I love this look…..JUST YUM


Wore this a couple of days ago. Started the day off with a little brunch with a friend. And ended the day with a fun night out with my girls. And this look went perfectly with each plan.
Dress: Bought from Christine Njoki. https://instagram.com/ikojnlive/
Heels: Also from an instagrammer… Can’t remember the exact account :(.
Bag: Malaysia…
Neckpiece: Romwe.com

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Joy Kendi…… (Photo credit: Ricky Shayy)


  1. 1. I’m super glad your back and safe.
    2. LOoove that cute number especially the arm cut-outs spot on!!
    3. Heeee you know i always love your shoes. This ones particularly “harden” the look {in a stylish way of course }

    good stuff.

  2. Hey…that dress is killer, i love your shoes too though am tall and thus stay off those baddies just a little bit:)

  3. You have a killer print on that dress, the heels are also awesome however i am tall and therefore keep off those baddies *only for special occasions…hehe