NEW VIDEO POST: Hey guys. incase you didn’t know I was nominated for the BAKE awards for best Fashion/style/beauty blog 2015. And BTW you can still vote for me (ourstylekenya) by going to www.blogawards.co.ke/vote/ . So the award ceremony is on May 2nd and I need an outfit. So, Kung’ara ( http://kungarakenya.net ) offered to dress me and of-course I wanted to involve you. So check out this fabulous video and help me pick-out my outfit.

Look 1: Now this dheera was just everything…The colour, the length..Basically everything about this dress is just life…URGGGG. I love it soo much…. lol.

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Look 2: Now this dress is just sexual….. And I mean that is the best way possible. The cut outs, the fit, the length. Just sexy… And that blue….. YUUUMMMM


Look 3: Now this last look made my heart skip a beat…. The waterfall trench is just perfect … and that coral pink goes perfect with the white. .. Clean, sophisticated and sexy.

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What look should I go for?
To get one or all of these look please visit Kung’ara. They are located in Karen at Karen Plains Arcade or you can visit their online site http://kungarakenya.net


  1. love love the video!!the 3rd look does it for me!its all levels of sophistication.and that waterfall trench my gaaaaard!

  2. You look amazeballz in all three but my vote goes for the white one with the coral pink trench which is just life itself! All the very best in the awards 🙂

  3. Joy, you are sex for daysss!!! 😀 I love the last outfit. All white ensemble is so on trend and that candy color coated coat will come in handy given this unpredictable weather we have been having 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you choose! xx.

  4. You look amazeballz in all three but my vote goes for the white one with the coral pink trench which is just life itself! All the very best in the awards 🙂

  5. I think you should definitely do the white with the waterfall trench!…you look extremely beautiful and it shows your body perfectly in all the right places. Beautiful!…sexy yet sophisticated.

  6. Goodness *drops dead for a min*
    Gorgeous gorgeous outfits but I go with the pink and white. Fits the occassion perfectly!

  7. i would totally go for the blue number, very trendy, the bold color and will definitely get heads turning however due to the chilly weather, i would go outfit number three. white is popping right now and the coat just makes everything awesome ***torn** can’t wait to see what you choose…

  8. Hey Joy, I think Look 3 slays for days….its got a Kim K. kinda vibe with the draped coat . Plus this weather is very unpredictable and the trench would so be in handy. Classy and sexy all in one…love it!

  9. HI KEndi looking great you look good with the dera ,it’s original and it’s got some african feeling to it.DO you take any protein shake supplements after your workouts was just curious.

  10. look no;1 is super elegant and so soft ,love the colour!!!

    hmmm now look no;3 is all the rage Jesus and his disciples!!!!

    your shoe-game love always out of this world.Gorg!! Gorg!!! and Gorg!!!!

    please go for look no;3……..

  11. I think the blue outfit wins for me. The yellow is too plain n the white n peach looks too Olivia Pope-ish, like it’s smack in winter. Then again, the blue gives enough skin n glam for an awards show. The other two will look too conservative for the show!!

  12. The blue dress is perfect. Please wear that. It’s style is award look perfect and the blue color …oh my
    Just perfect:)

  13. you look so adorable… in all the outfits oh my God i wish they were mine…. am torn in between the blue dress and the white… cant wait to see what you’ll chose… all the best in the awards