Happy Tasty Wednesday. Craving a popsicle? How about a creamy coconut milk and strawberry popsicle? If yes, you are in luck. Cause for today’s recipe its all about that creamy coconut strawberry goodness.
I love popsicles. Always have. But I don’t eat them as much as I would like due to my “cutting out sweet juices from my diet” diet. So I came up with this simple recipe as a way to curb my cravings without breaking my diet. Ohh and did I mention its completely vegan.
Yes, it being a creamy Popsicle and also being vegan (zero animal products) is a big deal. Most creamy popsicles have milk in them. You are welcome my lactose intolerance people.

NOTE: Make sure you use coconut milk and not coconut cream.
As for the popsicle sticks, I couldn’t find popsicle sticks at the grocery store so I improvised with some chopsticks.
And for the cups, I would definitely recommend you use paper disposable cups and not plastic disposable cups. Paper cups are much easier to peel off at the end.
Let’s begin
Puree the strawberries in a blender or food processor. Don’t worry about making it to smooth. Some lumps are fine and a very welcome surplice while you eat the popsicle.
Next add the strawberry jam and coconut milk. Blend until the mixture completely blended.
Taste the mixture. If its not sweet enough, feel free to add more strawberry jam. If its too sweet add more coconut milk.
Pour the mixture into your paper or plastic disposable cups. try not to fill it to the top.
Now take your plastic wrap and wrap the cup all the way around at least twice. The plastic wrap is to help hold the popsicle or chopsticks in place when its time to freeze the mixture.
Take a sharp knife, find the centre and puncture the plastic.
Now take your popsicle stick/ chopstick and gently push it through the small ole.
Now place them in the freezer for 5-6 hours or overnight.
Tear off the paper disposable cup.
All you have to do now is enjoy. Yummy yum yum










    • Yay thank. I’m all about keeping it simple. Ohh you should try this little trick… freeze some of the mixture in the paper cups with out popsicle sticks. Then once its from pop them out of the cups and throw them in a blender and blend until is a slushy. You daughter will love it.