Continuing my Seychelles posts with the reason I was in Seychelles in the first place. Philippe’s lovely cousin Valerie got married to the love of her life, Franco, and we were so luck and humbled to be part of the celebration. Oh, Philippe is my manfriend, incase you are slightly confused as to who the hell Philippe is. And his family is from Seychelles, hence the wedding being in Seychelles. All caught up? lol…ohh and there’s no photo of him. He hates cameras.
Anyway the gorgeous couple got married at the stunning Meridien Fisherman’s Cove, right on the beach. The ceremony was perfect. It was short and sweet. Ridiculously cozy with fewer than 50 guests in attendance…my type of wedding and not to mention started at 5 pm which meant we got to sleep in and take our time getting ready.
Anyways, lets just get this post going. As usual I am starting with my OOTD, followed by a few photos of the actual wedding. I was turning the hell up. Completely forgot to take more photos. But you get the gist of the wedding.
White Tank Top: VIVO Activerwear
Wrap Floral Skirt: Designed by me. Tailor Made 0723813011
Heels: Jumia KE

Valarie and Franco. H

Congratulation Valerie and Franco.


  1. Indescribable is the word to use on you ;simply”You put together an outfit better than anyone I’ve ever met, and the weird part is that you’re not even trying, which is what makes it even sexier.” ooh the positive energy you have s the kind that adds value to the spaces and lives round you. Good job

  2. Tell Philippe your fans want to see him!!!! I kid.

    Girl I loveeeeee every detail of your outfit. Simple yet filled with so much style??

    Your no. 1 fan from Malawi,


  3. Joy, your the type of woman I would hire to style my wardrobe. Your so elegant and beautiful and your vibe is so full of sauce????
    I pray that one day we can meet in person❤️❤️❤️