• As promised, here is a short list on my top tips on how to travel on a budget. BALLING ON A BUDGET BABY… BALLIN ON A BUDGET.


(Ok, this is not a budget thing but it’s super important )

  • Your passport must be valid. By valid I mean it can not be expired. And here is something even more tricky, most countries will not allow you in if you passport will expire in 6 months….yup that’s right. If it’s January and you passport is due to expire in June or July, most countries will not allow you in. So as soon as you reach the 6-month mark to the expiration date, you must renew your passport ASAP.
  • The yellow fever card is a yellow card that a hospital or vaccination clinic will give you proving that you have received you yellow fever shot. Most countries require a yellow fever card in order for you to even enter the country, especially if you are coming from an African country. So if you do not have your yellow fever card, get one ASAP. The price of most yellow fever card/shot vary from 1000ksh to 2000ksh, depending on the clinic. Also, if you don’t have the card at this moment, make sure you get your shot/card 10days before traveling. If your card says that you got your shot 6 days ago and you arrive at the customs office at the country you are visiting, they will place you in quarantine until you pass the 10 day mark, or they will send you back home on the next available flight…. And yes, they really will do that.


  • Visas cost money and can be kinda annoying to get together. If you are a first time traveler, you might want to visit a country that does not require a visa. And there are so many countries out there that only require a valid passport and a yellow fever card.
  • Now, these countries are divided into 3 segments, No visa required, Visa on arrival and E visa. “No Visa required” countries you will not need to pay a fee to enter the country, for “Visa on Arrival“ countries you will need to pay a visa fee on arrival but its minor and E Visa is a visa that you apply for online but a fee may be required. Susan Wong was fab enough to put together a list of countries that do not need visas to visit.


  • Flights do take a substantial cut off your travel budget, depending on where you are going…. So learn how to shop for cheaper flights. Sites like SkyScanner, can help you find significantly cheaper flights… only thing, the cheaper the flight the more layovers you may have. But hey, all you need to do is arrive at your destination, so whats 1 or 2 hours in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the way to Cape Town …. right.


  • Honey… if you travel during any major holiday be ready to pay out the a$$. … the price difference between peak season vs off season is mind blowing. It can honestly be a difference of hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars…And everything costs ways more during peak season, from flights, to hotels to even tourist spots. In other words, traveling during Christmas/December season, New Years, summer breaks (June to August) can end up costing you way more than you expected


  • Don’t get me wrong I love a fabulous hotel. I do. But here is the thing; hotels charge the amount that they do for the conveniences that they offer you. But if you are not willing to spend $100 plus a night, then AIRBNB will be your hommie. AIRBNB is a site that connects you with people from all over the world who have a house, apartment or room that they are willing to rent to you for a short period of time for a fraction of the price. When I travel I usually get an apartment or house all to my self just for the convenience of doing what ever I want and to not worry about being in someone’s way. But if you don’t might having a roommate, renting a room in an already occupied home might be a great choice for you. Plus it is cheaper.


  • This is another way AIRBNB comes in. Most if not all AIRBNB spots come with a fully functioning kitchen. So, go grocery shopping and cook at your new home.. That goes for a night out. Buy some bottle, pre drink in the digs and go out and only buy drinks that will just keep your high going.
  • And if cooking for yourself is not an option, Google affordable but delicious places to eat. For example my trip to Seychelles taught me one thing. Hotels there charge an arm and a leg for a simple meal. But the food trucks and takeout spots in Seychelles have


  • This for me is the one of the smartest thing you can do. Touristy spots can help you get some bomb a$$ Instagram pictures but, boo boo kitty, it will eat a ton of your budget. In my opinion, pick 2 tourist spots that are a must do for you and skip the rest. For me “touristy” spots are not a great representation of the country you are visiting. I am more a Google local joints and hang out there kind of girl. I prefer hanging with the people of the country. And the local joints are way cheaper and ridiculously way more fun.


  • I feel that’s pretty self-explanatory. Know where you are going, know some of their customs, the exchange rate from dollars to the local currency, etc.