Guess who’s the face of Hidesign’s new collection.
It’s okay, I’ll give you a second to figure it out…. IT’S ME!!!!. This is so crazy for me to say, “I’m the face of Hidesign’s new collection”. I just can’t deal. I have been waiting to post something about this since June but couldn’t until the official launch of the collection, which is also why I wasn’t able to continue posting all the “India Trip” travel posts. It would have been hard to post behind the scenes posts without saying why I was there, what I was doing and lastly without showing the bags before the launch. Also this is the very first campaign I have ever done as Joy Kendi the person not just a model that a client has hired. You have no idea how exciting that is for me. 
Okay, so let me tell you the story on the bags. This amazing and sexy ass collection was inspired by a trip the Dilip Kapur, the Founder and President of Hidesign, came to Kenya on a safari trip to the Mara. The beautiful Maasai people, their culture and the “rawness” & beauty of land that surrounded them inspired him. Now my favorite part about how he created this collection was the fact that he tried to stay clear of the stereotypical “African inspired” designs of painting a lion, giraffe and a tall Maasai man standing on one leg as the sun sets behind him, on a bag and calling it African. He kept it simple and incorporated some aspects that are Kenyan, from the shield and spear that we all know is on our national flag to some slight beadwork to pay homage to the Maasai and their amazing intricate beadwork.
Anyway, I don’t want to take too much of your time so here is my post with the campaign photos and quick look behind the scenes while at the shoot. And the entire collection is now available at all their main stores in India and will soon be available in some of their other main stores around the world and for WORLDWIDE shipping visit with site by CLICKING HERE



  1. Woah! Those bags look so fab! And Joy you are doing the most in all your shots! I’m honestly trying to picture anyone else for this shoot/collaboration and I can’t! This is a win for all of us… Congrats Joy! ??