Let me first start by saying that this post comes with a BOMB giveaway….. Anyway, Google recently asked me to share my Google story. How Google has played it’s part in my life. How it has helped me. But as I tried to think of a beautiful story of how I was once lost in a new city in a  foreign country and Google maps got me back home it hit me. Why re-live an old story when I could create a new one. So for 12 hours I decided to partner up with one of my amazing friends and to bring Google into my life. I wanted Google to help me explore my home…my city. I wanted to discover new spots that I will soon call my favs. And to try something that I have never tried before. I basically wanted to spend 12 hours having an adventure. Google would suggested it and dammit I would it…and this is what happened….. 
1 First stop…BRUNCH……. after researching some of the best spots in Nairobi I found this gem, Le Grenier a Pain. I couldn’t pronounce, even with my 6 years of french lessons under my belt…Yup, that’s right 6 years. Don’t ask, I’ll explain later. But had to try them out.

What we had: L’Omelette Parisienne, Saucisses & Oeufs brouillés, Pain Perdu pomme-cannelle & Sirop d’érable, Tarte au Citron and to drink we each had green tea. 

And as usual, My outfit of the day. top: Mr Price, Skirt: Designed by me. For more info on the skirt click HERE...
Next stop… The Maasai mara experience brought to us in Nairobi.
After stuffing our faces with some, what I can only describe as food porn, we were looking for a little adventure. Obviously rock climbing, hiking and anything that required athletic wear was impossible we had to go for something that combined not too much activity on our part but also could get our blood pumping… a Nairobi safari game drive experience caught our eyes.
Welcome to Nairobi National Park, located off  Langata Rd

After spending 1 hour in traffic driving to the Nation Park and 2 hours on a safari, The fatties girls deep with in us started to scream . We needed a bite and a cocktail to wrap up the day. And just like before we needed a new spot. A place we’ve never visited but had an amazing rating. ….. and with that we found this rustic joint, The Wasp and Sprout located in Loresho.

What we munched on: Main: Pulled pork burger, Thai Beef Salad. Drinks: a Dawa and Coffee Martini. And for dessert banana bread with espresso Butter and some ridiculously delicious butterscotch pudding with vanilla ice cream

Ohh they also have a gorgeous corner with in the restaurant that sells some amazing items made by Kenyan designers. Everything from jewelry, to home decor. Just an FYI

Now lets talk about the giveaway. Now in order to win this amazing hamper, thanks to Google, you must do one thing, share with me your google story, how has google helped your life, a funny google anecdote….. whatever, just share with me your google story. You can either share with me your story through the comment box down below, instagram the story, tag me and hashtag #googlestory, or DM me on my instagram at @Justjoykendi. I will then pick out my favorite story and award the winner with the hamper. This giveaway will wrap up next week at 12:00pm on Friday. So share your story and good luck. BTW, the head phones are wireless and BOMB AF


  1. Your 12 hour google story is amaizing.My google story is more of a friendship”google is my friend”I use google to go practically everywhere around Nairobi I don’t get out often and when I do my friend google is always there for me you almost never go wrong with it.I am an extreem foodie who loves to cook so I use google all the time to find new recepies and new restaurants to try out new food the latest meal I made with the help of my of my friend google is chicken biriyani.one of my side hustles is baking cakes and thanks to google browser I went to youtube and I learnt most of what I know now.I am a law student and truth be told most of the latin I know is thanks to google I study and do most of my research on google. Google will surely desrve my gratitude in my graduation speech.Thank God for google

  2. Google has been bae from tackling relationships to taking care of my 10month old Baby.I use Google in almost everything,my hubby calls me Mrs.Google.People call me know it all,they don’t know my secret is Google.I am addicted to Google.. .I cough a little n next thing am googling reasons for coughing.My hubby bring roses n I Google reasons why hubby brought roses.I even Google things I know like how to make the perfect cup of tea to how to cook sausages.I love Google maps too,I can always walk around Nairobi knowing Google got me.I love Google n it loves me too coz it never disappoints.

  3. So we’ve had elections right ? Then the petition process and stiff .Who thinks this lawyers were just being unfair manze! Now I had to warch the whole proceeding with my mobile phone on my hands .I literally couldn’t tell the simplest of times my daddy is a real political enthusiastic then it gets to a point he’s like Ivy I took you guys to school so you’d be brained then me and stuff .So hes like what’s Amicus curiae what’s this ,what’s that .I am the typo girl who knows alot about social life but then dad’s won’t get that sometime .So am like let me just goggle my way through the proceeding .My dad was so proud he didn’t even care about how I had to Google stuff to explain to him .Even the PLO take where everyone went public talking about how the language was so ambiguous man I helped my old man get it all thanks to Google .

  4. Google has been so helpful to me joy. First of all is the information availability, I’m an information technology (IT) student at thika technical institute and I everyday camp here at Google learning how to program,code, and all things IT. Second, is I’m a naturalista,yani I said kept natural hair that I love so much, I’m not a fun of plaiting my hair so YouTube has been my best friend in learning how to bantu knot. Knot out and all that.. All the tutorial I need are just so much available and given that I have unlimited net in my house I mean it’s just so convenient. Third, being a student, well you know you gotta find a hustle to rely on when parent hasn’t sent enough pocket money, so to help me in that, I have a side hustle and that is I work online – an academic write to be precise, and yes been using Google for that..the Google maps also, as long as I have my phone with me I can be sure not to get lost everywhere I visit.. And so much more

  5. Hey joy,here is my story Google story

    I got married at 21,very happy with my choice,his amazing,we stayed for 5 years without concieving,I googled everything from advise on getting pregnant,how cyst are diagnosed,’the condintion I had’ is treating blocked fallopian tube pain full??”i had this this too”and yea it hella was pain full, googke got all the answers for me…having this problem thoe made us closer with hubby coz we were going through something together we need ample time to distress so diidah Google’s best hotels in kenya with a nice view,beaches,food blah blah blahhhh…
    One morning I take a pregnancy test coz I wanted to take some meds that help me regulate my periods (they were irregular)this was just for precaution purpose but I know am not ,so whatever rite????av been taking this test for a very long time and they were always negative.I finished and almost forgot the test hapo tu kando ya choo as I wear my pants,so I look and its two lines….whatttt????Google where r you I need to talk to you ,google says yes your 99.9 percent pregnant….whattt whatttttt.my whole pregnancy from the doctors visit first up to the last trimester I googled everything how does she look now,why am I feeling bloated?whey am I hot all the time,my feet are swelling,how much pain is giving birth???my baby is seven months now an av gotten hia with the help of Google,honestly I can’t do without Google.Am opening up a shop and Google is part of that too.love you.

  6. You can say that google is my more intelligent twin.exept for my family,it’s been with me longer than anyone else.solitude,trauma,joy, it’s been my companion.now i’m a third yr in campus and google groups is my jam when it comes to sharing notes.#mygooglestory

  7. Without GOOGLE maps I’m 100% LOST!!!
    My mum used to come for me all the way to thika (where my high school was) because I’ve lived and studied in Rongai all my life. One day sh didnt make it to come and I got lost so ever since that day she used to come for me till i cleared high school. Uptodate I still use google maps because the only building my mum always asks me to look for when I get lost is afya center! #MyGoogleStory

  8. Hey Joy,
    Apart from God,Google is the 2nd most important thing anyone needs,
    It has really made my life worth living and I can advocate it for anyone that doesn’t know bout it(if there’s any),
    Going to Nairobi in the past was really unimanigable,coz one would easily get lost in the enormous city but currently, it’s a walk in the park
    I remember there was this time my brother’s son n I were in town n since I was super busy,I don’t even know he got lost but thanx to Google, I managed to find him coz normally he has this child tracking device on that’s connected to my Gmail account
    My mum n uncle partnered up n they currently own a travel n tour company n there’s this time that one of the cars got lost n thanx to car trackers connected to my uncle’s gmail account, we managed to retrieve the car
    When I finished high school n it was now time for me to go to college,all I had to do was just Google some of the best colleges n varsities n boom,here I am..a journalism student at one of the best university n guess what I’ll be going to Africa Leadership University to further my studies early next year courtesy of Google.
    Still on matters education, my boss recently applied for a scholarship on Some Australian organisation n guess what he got it,they just sent him an acceptance message on his gmail account..
    Honestly Joy,I can write on and on about Google n the story will just NEVER end..
    Ooooh n I couldn’t forget to thank Google playstore for enabling me to download Facebook,(the platform I got to know bout you)..
    I love both you n Google.

  9. Ooooh n I also check out some of the recipes for baking(am still learning though) but google’s just stuck with me..
    It teaches me a whole loooot,n during the holiday,I help out my nieces with their assignment courtesy of Google(since I can no longer remember some of the high school things)
    Whenever am free,I just go to Google books n get some of the best novels n read them online (coz I have endless internet access)so am always browsing..
    Thanx google

  10. There is a magical place called booktube. Yes , it’s on YouTube but as bibliophiles we call it Booktube. People post about adventures books allowed them to have ie book reviews. We participate in booktags, talk to our fav authors and almost beg them to change certain endings, have trivias and get book recommendations suitable to ones taste and a lot of other nerd stuff. It’s a place where #google via YouTube allowed us, book lovers , to find one another and fall in love with different fandoms and connect without limits. I love this space. I think I found my soulmates there. 😄
    Talking about spaces and places , Pizza Festival is coming up. I love me a good pizza in this hard election year and so will most of my friends. Everyone will be texting everyone about new pizzas to be had in places we have never been. Thank God for #Googlemaps. The days of find the building “hapo nyuma ya left ya roundabout” are over . Pheew💃💃. As you have pizza your friends will try to show off by talking about Sadio Mane’s red card as Football elitists. Don’t you worry my gugu child , just #Google it (you may pretend to take a bathroom break) and you’ll even see what team is on what position on the premier league and you can join in the conversation confidently. Yes yes , I do use these tricks because this is #mygooglestory of how google makes life more bearable for me and mine.

  11. Google has been my go to for all my problems,from trying to concieve,I havn’t concieved yet but I believe it is going to happen soon or later. I work as a sales person for a reputable organization so most of the times we are on the move for teambuildings,Meetings,trainings and google has always come in handy for me to find best restaurants and also our Venues.
    With google I also get to find coordinates of places I need for my work purposes. When I feel like my world is crumbling I turn to google,not that I don’t have a best friend but she is all the way in Nairobi for work while I am in Eldoret. Google is my go to best friend whenever I am in need.

  12. So I donno why lecturers like setting exam questions which they never taught in class…yes you attended all the classes,have all the notes,reviewed previous papers but alas when you get to the exam room the questions are set in Greek I guess because you’re totally blank. You might sermon all the gods of your ancestors unfortunately they won’t come to your rescue even if you pour libations or whatever hehe. This is when google comes to your rescue and saves the day. You get a range of answers and leave the exam room with a huge smile on your face. Pssssssssst make sure you don’t get caught hehe

  13. This is a Story of hope and triumph in which google has played a critical part in, 7 years ago after completing my A levels, I started working at timber yard as a casual labourer being paid peanuts and carrying logs all day literally speaking, I was pushed to do this by circumstances since i had lost my mum 2 years before clearing my studies. You know how it is in the city of Nairobi? you have to survive!! Anybody who has worked in the informal industry understands how it works, you are taken in as a group of people, after a few months some if not all of you are retrenched, that’s what happened to me exactly. Sitting In my one-roomed “mabati” house in Githurai 45 (a ghetto) all hope was gone, life was back to “normal”, the corrugated iron sheets keeping off the rain but magnifying the heat and the cold, i had friends who kept me company but ate everything they came into contact with, the rats. Amidst all this there was just one thing that kept me sane. The Love and passion for music, it made me feel alive, a drug of some sort. I decided to take a step of faith and start learning how to produce music, i tried learning through observing at a friends’ studio but he wasn’t friendly as such,deaming me as a potential competitor, he didn’t give me a chance to try and learn, and that’s when I met waaait for it… GOOGLE!!! My life took a turn. I started learning the art of beat making, mind you from playing the keyboard which i later practised in church, to the complex world of recording , mixing and mastering.
    As I punch this letters on my keyboard today, i own a studio. From my first simple beat to working on a fully professional album, Google has been a vital aspect in this journey. I cant thank you enough.

  14. well just like everyone google comes in hand when it comes to school research…But my break through with google is that it has helped me get to where i am with my sense of fashion and most importantly my hair skill…i’ve learnt my hair techniques with the help of google which acts as my side hastle which provides my small allowances for school…and to be honest having those headphones is kind of a big deal coz it means then my music game will be up which is almost all i do all day long…I cross my fingers for this

  15. Google has helped me in massive ways that Lord knows without it I would have had migraines every now and then, last weekend babe and I were headed to isinya at Fred’s ranch which is actually an amazing place and we got lost twice till ding ding common sense dawned on us and we realized we had google, within minutes we were on the right track, had fun at the ranch and oooh I got my first ever horse ride 😂😂🙈. Thank you Google❤😘

  16. I personally use the voice command – Google Assistant. Once I had a throbbing headache. All I wanted to do is to sleep it off. I wasn’t even able to look at the glaring screen on my phone. I placed it on my side and said, “Ok Google, set alarm for 6 AM,” and slept the headache away. The next morning at 6AM, the alarm rang! I have set reminders, shopping lists and even opened apps directly from Google. Fast forward to my endless hands free commands. “Ok Google, send text message to Mom.” “Ok Google, call Stanley Bro.” I added my home address in Google places. So every time I need to go home, and fast! I turn to Google. “Ok Google, what’s the fastest route home?” I find my journeys more planned with an estimated time of arrival that is always accurate!! One time I got bored… “Ok Google, I’m bored.” Picked the game selection and played a movie emoji ‘charades’ kind of game. When guessed correctly, it hits me up with facts about the movie. This went on and on, finally, told her, “Ok Google, you’re the best! She proceeded to say, “Couldn’t have done it without you!” “Ok Google, Goodnight.” Google Assistant: Sweet dreams {insert sleep emoji here].” Enough of the voice command, Google is everything, from searching the best destinations, movie/series premiers and curated news content skewed to my preferences. I’m up to date with current affairs, I’m efficient in my routines, organized travel schedules/navigation through the city, recipes – making unusual snacks and most definitely, Youtube, where we find stars like you! If I don’t know something, I ask Google! I mean, where was Google all our lives! Google is literally your friend! #MyGoogleStory

  17. Your Google Story is amazing. Google is the next best thing after mobile banking.
    A few weeks back I received an invitation to attend a seminar at The Tribe Hotel. As many have, I’ve heard of The Tribe but for the life of me I didn’t know where it is situated. I turned to Google for location. Now I knew it was next to village market. Problem one sorted. Problem number two, was getting there. I boarded the matatus going to Gigiri and since I didn’t want to tell the conductor that I didn’t know where I was going, I turned to Google maps. Phew.
    I alighted at village market. I stood at the bus stage for like 2minutes figuring out which way. Sigh. I looked at the Google maps once more and punched The Tribe from Village Market. Started walking again, with the voice prompts guiding me “Turn right, turn left” and finally I arrived at my destination.
    Gone are the days of asking random strangers for directions at the same time worrying that they might give you wrong directions. Google is just the invention ever and it got answers to everything, almost. It has made life way easier and that’s #mygooglestory #itsmygooglestory

  18. I have had so many exciting experiences with google, I don’t think they would fit here, wish I was able to attach pictures too, but I am not on instagram, so…..
    I will start with Google maps, I had just gotten my interim and was meeting with a friend for lunch in Westlands, being a new driver multitasking was a very huge task. I did not know the directions to Royal Orchird Azure and also I couldn’t just look at the map once and cram it, driving while looking at my phone for directions was a no, no. This is where google maps came through for me with voice command, I just input the destination and it literally did everything from there, even when my home screen went off the ‘google maps lady’ was still loud and clear. With google I can now drive or walk anywhere, confidently knowing that I cannot get lost.
    Also on google maps, I am a google local guide and this has been the best experience ever. Knowing I can help people find their way somewhere, give people reviews about places, somehow promote businesses by uploading their information on the maps and also upload all my travel pics for people around the world to see how beautiful the places I have been to are, this is ultimate satisfaction to me, you should see how proudly I go about telling people that I am a local guide and they think it’s a very high paying job. Also this is like a roadmap to blogging for me, I have always wanted to start my travel blog but I am still not sure of so many things I want to put in it, then google gives me this platform where I can upload all my travel pictures, give reviews of hotels and restaurants that I visit, upload and edit information on the same and they even go as far as sending me congratulatory mails on my contributions, FANTASTIC!!

    I have recently graduated and I have to appreciate how google played a big part in my University life, from the google search bar to google scholar that helped me so much while I was doing research for my final year project. I cannot forget Google docs that helped me so much in gathering information for my project, as my classmates were incurring printing and transport costs among others as they had to deliver their questionnaires physically to their target population, Google docs made it very easy for me to create my questionnaire, administer it and……… (DRUMROLLS) it even analysed for me all the data collected, how awesome is that?

    A few years ago, I had a very big problem with storing all my photos in my laptop because I knew anything can happen to my laptop and that’s how I will lose all the evidence of the memories I have made for over 10years. My friends kept referring me to icloud backup that one has to pay for and I wasn’t really for that. Only for my sister to introduce me to Google drive that’s free and has a lifetime worth of space to store all my pictures, wish I went to her first. I have to point out the fact that I can access all my photos anywhere makes me so happy plus I no longer have to send people over 200photos on whatsapp, I just create a link and …. BOOM… everyone has their pictures.

  19. Google search is the coolest app ever,i feel there is hardly any history,problem or question with no answer or solution.Had its experiences with the uses of Google Maps and Google search but this is my #google story
    A couple of months ago i visited Nairobi, to meet my old friends .I didn’t want to bother my friend who was my host each day to take me to town .
    So one fine morning i woke up and decided to go to town myself with no idea of where i was going to. I was to meet my girlfriend in town. When i arrived in town i called her and she told me she was in java reinsurance plaza i didn’t want to bother her and tell her that i didn’t know where it’s , i just opened my google maps and searched for the location and within ten minutes i linked up with her . For sure google got my back that day, i don’t know what i will do without google .Thanks to GOOGLE